• We are an upscale luxury brand that doesn't conform
    to making traditional boring hats...
  • We are commited to making quality head wear with a touch of rebellion.
    Rock, Rebel, Resist!
  • Be yourself! we don't lock you into a braneded label.
    Or turn customers in walking billboards.

H Handmade Artisan Line

With the efforts of our artist and designer, each hat is detailed with a touch of rebellion, painstakingly handcrafted, and of the highest quality. The entire process involves many hours of hands-on craftsmanship, which in turn limits the total number of Artisan hats that we're able to create and offer at any given time. Due to the high demand for our Artisan hats and the limited availability, these hats often sell out within hours (and sometimes even minutes) after being made available.

Like any work of art, our Artisan hats are strictly sold on a first come first serve basis.

F Featured Artisan Hats

L Leather Patches

Unlike traditional embroidered patches, our 100% genuine leather patches are not limted in detail or colors due to threads. Our leather patches are unique, vibrant in color, and they're proudly american made in the USA. Application methods may be sewn on, bonded with glue, or riveted into place.

A Quick Shout Out From Us

Special thanks to our followers across the many social media platforms and to our loyal customers whom have spent their hard-earned money on our products. We put a great deal of time, effort, care and attention to detail in each of our products and hope that you'll care for them as much as we do. It is always a very humbling experience when a client chooses to purchase one of our products and we are forever grateful.

Meet The Team

Jason Wilson
Co-founder/Owner and Designer
Rochelle Wilson
Co-founder/Owner and Designer

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