• We are an upscale luxury brand that doesn't conform
    to making traditional boring hats...
  • We are commited to making quality head wear with a touch of rebellion.
    Rock, Rebel, Resist!
  • Be yourself! we don't lock you into a braneded label.
    Or turn customers in walking billboards.

H Handmade Artisan Line

The Artisan Line is just that, "ART!" Like any work of art these are sold on a first come first serve basis.

With the efforts of our Artist and Designer each hat is creative, artistic, of the highest quality with just a touch of rebellion resulting in a one of a kind experience for each customer. The greatest part... when our customers choose an Artisan hat they are choosing a reflection of who they want to be, who they want to become, Who they truly are!

F Featured Artisan Hats

Red Scorpion


Patriots Blood


Widow Maker


C Who We Work With

Meet The Team

Jason Wilson
Co-founder/Owner and Designer
Rochelle Wilson
Co-founder/Owner and Designer
Joe Asher
Co-owner/Director of Sales and Operations
Marilyn Asher
Co-owner/Stitch Bitch

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